What is My L'zzie Points?
My L'zzie Ponts is a system that is unique to shoppers on www.Lzzie.com.my. It sets out to enhance the shopping experience online by rewarding the shoppers with E-vouchers for their continuous support for the brand!

How do I join My L'zzie Points?
Signing up an account on www.Lzzie.com.my automatically entitles to membership to the rewards system. It also keeps you in the loop for exclusive promotions and birthday rewards!

What are some of the benefits of My L'zzie Points?
To begin with, being part of the exclusive club will ensure that you're the first to find out about attractive deals and events! You will also be rewarded for all purchases made online with one point for every dollar spent. On top of that, you will enjoy double rewards on your first purchase during your birthday month. As points accumulate, you're given the option to exchange for E-vouchers to enjoy further discounts!

How many points do I need before I can exchange for E-voucher?
We have two levels of redemption! For every 500 points, you may exchange for a RM 10 E-voucher. Alternatively, you may like to aim high and score a RM 20 E-voucher by accumulating 1000 points!

How do I earn points?
Make a purchase on www.Lzzie.com.my, and for every dollar spent, one point is debited into your account automatically. 

Are the points automatically added to my account?
Yes, our system is pretty intelligent and points will be tabulated and deposited in your account automatically!

Is there a minimym amount imposed before I can start earning points?
All purchaes, regardless of amount, made on www.Lzzie.com.my will be entitled to the rewards system, Howeverm purchase of sale items do not qualify for points redemption.

How does the voucher redemption work?
When you are eligible for a prize claim, the system will allow you to select from available options at check-out. Redeemed E-vouchers can be utilised immediately to offset current purchase.

How do I check My L'zzie Points balance?
Simply log into your account on www.Lzzie.com.my to view your existing balance.

Do My L'zzie Points have an expiration date?
All good things must come to an end, eventually. My L'zzie Points are valid for a period of 6 months from the date of issue.

What do i do when points are not reflected in my account?
Do not worry, we will take care of it for you! Simply drop us an email and we will hunt down your missing points.

Can I redeem My L'zzie Points for purchases made in L'zzie retail stores?
My L'zzie Points is unique to our online venture and we regret that its use and redemption is on
ly valid on www.Lzzie.com.my.

Can I redeem My L'zzie Points for purchases of sale items?
My L'zzie Points apply only on regular priced items/bundle special. Sale items ae excluded from the system.

I do not quite grasp the workings of My L'zzie Points. I need answers to some other questions!
Take a chill pill, and email 
us at customercare@lzzie.com.my! We are more than delighted to help you better understand the rewards systems!